Need to earn and save a little more cash during this difficult time.

Here is your 101 guide to the best ways to find work, earn more and cut costs. 

coronavirus money manual

i need to earn money...

How do I find a job quickly?

Look for ‘immediate start jobs’ being offered to those who have lost out during the pandemic. The majority are published on LinkedIn and Indeed: Key search temrs: Customer service Warehouse assistant Stock assistant Immediate start Online picking

Apply to work for a supermarket

Tesco - 20,000 temporary workers to hire. Aldi - looking to fill 5,000 new temporary posts and take on 4,000 permanent new workers for jobs in all its stores and distribution centres. Lidl - said it would create about 2,500 temporary jobs across its 800 stores in the UK. Majority of jobs are advertised on LinkedIn. Asda - 5,000 temporary staff from among people whose jobs have been impacted by the virus. Morrisons - creating 3,500 new jobs to expand home delivery service, about 2,500 pickers and drivers, plus 1,000 staff in its distribution centres. Co-op - creating 5,000 store-based jobs to provide temporary employment for hospitality workers who have been sidelined by the coronavirus crisis Waitrose - looking for supermarket assistants in various departments and stores in the UK

Apply to become a courier

Delivery drivers and couriers are in hot demand. Hiring: Deliveroo - advertising for food delivery drivers across the UK. Just Eat - Just Eat has posted dozens of job advertisements for food delivery drivers and bikers Amazon - Amazon is looking for delivery drivers and operations specialists across several parts of the UK, as well as warehouse assistants
Uber Eats - Jobs are being advertised for delivery driver roles at Uber Eats.

Can't leave the house? At home gigs

Sell your existing service Zoom Already provide a service? Teach, run workshops and host conference calls and webinars on zoom. You're able to charge money from the people attending your webinars. Fiverr & People per Hour- Online marketplaces offering tasks and services, A.K.A 'gigs', beginning at £5 per job. It gives freelancers a chance to pitch and successfully complete tasks like translation, digital marketing, website development, voiceovers and much much more! Online tutoring Do you have a skill, expertise and qualification? Sell it online. Many tutoring services are no longer taking applications for new tutors due to increased demand, but here are some that are: Tutorful.co.uk - You may experience a 3-4 week wait Udemy - An online platform aimed at professionals. Set up and run paid for courses. Keystone Tutors - London based private tuition company Questionnaires and Surveys We recommend the following sites: YouGov.co.uk Swagbucks Recycle and sell your stuff Depop and eBay are still fully functional. Make money and decultter

Can you rent out your parking space?

For people who need a place to park their car while they aren’t working…the following sites allow you to set a price, date and time period and each month YourParkingSpace will deposit the earnings directly into your bank account. Just Park Your Parking Space

Need to write a CV or Cover Letter?

Sections to include in a CV:

  • Past employment
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Contact details
Helpful examples: Reed Sections to include in a cover letter: Why are you getting in touch? Why are you suitable for the job? What can you do for the company? Why you want to work for the company? Resources Vizualize.me Takes the data from your LinkedIn and turns it into a timeline of your employment history and a breakdown of your skills. Resume.io Create a CV online using pre built templates Grammarly Get your spelling and grammar accurate. Use this tool to check for any errors. It's free to download straight to your desktop.


I need to save money...

Get a refund on transport tickets

Advanced or anytime ticket - If purchased an advance on anytime ticket before 7am Monday 23rd March you are entitled to a full refund with no admin fees. Travellers are advised to apply for the refund before the departure of the first booked train and to contact the retailer who sold the ticket. Seasonal ticket - You can claim back on a Weekly Season Ticket if there are three or more days validity remaining. Monthly or Annual Season Ticket will need to have seven or more days remaining to be eligible for a refund. Customers should get in touch with the train company or retailer they bought their ticket from to see what they might be entitled to. The Government has said that the £10 admin fee will still be charged on refunds to all season ticketholders. Oyster - Transport For London says you can get a refund if you bought your Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass season tickets on Oyster. However there needs to be at least six weeks remaining on an Annual ticket, seven days left on a Monthly ticket or three days on a Seven Day ticket.You can apply for a refund by calling 0343 222 1234 with your Oyster number and bank details. See TFL for details. Similar in Manchester etc. Remember, according to consumer advisor Which?, customers must apply for refunds no more than 28 days after the expiry of the tickets.

Check your insurance policies

They may cover your mortgage payments or replace some income and its easy to forget you have cover. For example, payment protection insurance, mortgage payment protection insurance, accident, sickness and unemployment insurance.

Check these standing orders, direct debits and subscriptions

Use your banking app to do a subscription audit Cancel sports channel subscriptions/packages - unlikely to be any available for the coming months. Cancel your gym membership/check their Covid-19 updates/membership freeze policy Other subscriptions which might be unnecessary:

  • iCloud/dropbox storage plans
  • Dating apps
  • Video and picture editing apps

Switch it up

Check you’re getting the best deal on your plans, utilities. Uswitch - Find the best phone, broadband and insurance offers Look after my bills - Let someone else get you the best deals, all year round