This book isn’t about cutting back on coffee or walking to work and it definitely isn’t about getting loaded overnight (sorry). Being ‘good at money’ means so much more than just budgets and pensions. 


Instead, Go Fund Yourself is about the bigger picture. What you want from your life and how you can earn, spend, save and invest your way towards living your best one. 


In 5 sections: Learn it, Earn it, Start it, Spend it and Invest it, Go Fund Yourself takes the boring out of personal finance and makes it relevant to our time. Combining time-tested principles with fresh insights into the big financial challenges and opportunities we face today, such as what the #RichKidsofInstagram have to do with you and your money to why spending no longer means owning and how being open about our finances could make us all richer.


You’ll learn all the things we should have been taught in school but weren’t from getting out of debt to starting a business, finding a job you actually like and investing your £££. 


Most importantly, it helps you take action, with practical guides, helpful exercises, and a BS-free Money Plan; a step by step guide to the seven most important money moves you can make for your life

Want to do your future self a favour? Then this book is for you. 

Alice x

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