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how we built & manage this page

This is how we define the page criteria:

lifetime isa

This refers to a Stocks & Shares Lifetime ISA.


The provider must offer a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension).

ethical investing

In order to fulfil the ‘ethical investing’ condition, the platform must allow users to opt into a portfolio, a portion of which has a focus on social responsibility. To learn more about socially responsible investing click here.

mobile app

The app must be available on the Apple App Store or Android GooglePlay Store. If the app is not available on both, it will be included in the ‘FYI’ section. The investment platform must at least allow viewing of the portfolio’s current status. 

minimum investment

This figure refers to the startup sum required to activate the account, not the per month input minimum required to maintain the account - if there is a per month minimum, this information will be included in the ‘FYI’ section.

total fees

Based on the following calculation: 



Total Fees* = Platform Fee + Fund Costs** + Transaction Costs**


Note: In instances where providers have multiple management options (e.g. proactively managed VS fixed allocation VS ethical investing), we have used the stated fees of the cheapest management option. 


*Doesn’t include bid/ask spread

**Where the provider has given a range for the fund and/or transaction costs we have taken the lowest fee in that range. Otherwise, we have taken the provider’s stated average costs. 



Definition of Fees:

Platform fee

the fee charged by the platform for managing the account, A.K.A management fee, account fee, service charge etc.

Fund costs

the costs incurred by the funds themselves within the portfolio. AKA ongoing charge, fund provider charge etc.

other costs

subscription or app fees. 

A quick note about management...

Where we have found platforms to offer fully managed portfolios*, we have included this information, describing it as a ‘proactively managed portfolio’. Otherwise, you can assume that, according to our research, the platform offers fixed allocation portfolios only**. 


*Fully managed portfolios/proactively managed portfolios


To which strategic adjustments are made in order to try and protect against losses and boost returns.



**fixed allocation portfolios


Designed to perform without or with little intervention. The provider will keep you invested in assets which match your risk level and investment profile.

Thank you...Thank you very much..