WHat's included?


Want to hit refresh on your finances? This 12-month money reset plan is for you!💥​

Like a reset button for your financial life, the 29-page digital guide and planner will walk you through the finance fundamentals, from goal setting, budgeting and getting out of debt to career and promotion planning. Most importantly, it’ll keep you on track. 

In a 1 to 1 planning session (WhatsApp, call or via email) , you tell me what you want from the year and we’ll talk through your plan of action, identify your goals and the key actions and routines you need to build into your life to make them happen.


Every month, you'll receive a personalised check-in plus helpful content, tips and nudges (Never forget the ISA deadline again!). If you change your goals, no problem. Update them and keep me posted on your progress. 



If any of these sound familiar then this kit can help...

how it works?

Whilst there are many things I hope this kit will give you, one thing it doesn't offer is legal, tax or investment/financial advice of any kind. Instead, it provides time-tested educational information which aims to get you feeling better about money.

how much is it?

I've tried to make the kit as accessible as possible.

£35 for the year (£2.92 a month) covers the time and resources involved in producing the workbook and providing the calls/monthly check-in service. 


Download the kit and schedule your planning session for £35 

(£2.92 a month)