FYT - Weekly News 14th October

£170 m Euro Millions WIN - biggest ever jackpot Winning ticket 

In the largest jackpot ever to have been won in the UK, the lucky winner has come forward to claim their prize. The big win ended a run of 22 consecutive rollovers, in itself a record.

The winner is now richer than Ed Sheeran.

Winning 7 numbers.

The odds of winning the EuroMillions jack POT are: 1 in 1.39 million

The odds of winning any Euro Millions prize are: 1 in 13

28 p in every £1

spent on National Lottery games, including Euro Millions, is set aside for good causes

Since 2004 over £40bn has been raised for over 565,000 projects.

It’s up to the winner if they wish to stay anonymous or go public. Would you....

91 YEAR OLD EX POLICEMAN scammed out of life savings

John Thompson, 91, was swindled out of £15,000 of his life savings, which he was going to give to his grand daughters to help them with a house deposit.


The crooks claimed to be calling from Nationwide and had all Mr Thompson’s security details, and even managed to get round his call-blocking software by using a number which matched the emergency number on the back of his card.


As it was Mr Thompson who transferred the money into “newer safer” accounts, Nationwide refused a refund.

A Just Giving page set up by the Yorkshire Post has raised over £15,000 so far.

Fairytale rescue of Thomas Cook

Husband and wife team hailed ‘angels'

John and Irene Hays of Hays Travel which owns 190 travel shops, have bought all 550 Thomas Cook stores in a last minute rescue bid for the failed firm.

They hope to save most of the 2500 employees jobs. The Thomas Cook stores will be renamed Hays Travel.


In the first half of this year 88% of forgeries were £20 notes. That’s 201,000, out of a total of 228,000 notes. The £20 note is the most popular which is why it gets forged so much.

The new one is a work of art. The new design will feature artist JMW Turner’s self portrait from 1799

What’s it made of?

Counterfeit-resistant polymer, like the £5/£10 notes. More durable, cleaner, securer and greener than cotton paper notes according to De La Rue who designs and prints all Bank of England’s banknotes.

Security features include:

  • A large and a small see-through window

  • Metallic hologram which changes from "Twenty” to “Pounds”

  • The Queen’s portrait

  • Silver foil patch of her crown

when? - 20th Feb 2020

Damaged money?

The dog ate it/went through hot wash/got contaminated?

You need at least half of the banknote to be reimbursed by BoE’s Mutilated Note Service

Complete form at: www.bankofengland.co.uk

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