despite house price slow down

The cost of paying mortgage interest is now 62% lower than renting - says Capital Economics research, compared to 55% lower on average (2010-2018).

£859 £323

Average monthly rent AVERAGE monthly mortgage payment


Amount mortgage interest rates are down by

in the last 5 years, although growth

in rents has declined too


In July, the Office for Budget Responsibility predicted a 10% fall by mid-2021 in the case of a no deal Brexit.

More negatively, last November the Bank of England said house prices could fall 35% with a chaotic no deal Brexit.

uk bosses earn 117x that of the average worker

...but ceo pay falls...

Research by the CIPD has found that whilst CEO salaries have fallen by 13% between 2017 and 2018, CEOs earn 117x more than the average UK full-time worker.

£3.5 MILLION £29,574 6/100

The average boss pay at one Average full-time FTSE 100 companies had

of the UK's largest listed worker salary a female boss in 2018

100 companies

who gets the most 💵 💵 ?

Highest paid FTSE 100 CEOs in FYE 2018 ➡

The CIPD recommendations included:

  1. Pay for the top 1% of earners to be disclosed

  2. Simplified CEO reward packages linked to fewer and more meaningful measures of performance

STUDENTS OWED £28m BY student loans COMPANY

Overpayments on student loans that had already been paid off in full are waiting to be claimed by grads, data from the Student Loans Company (SLC) shows



Average overpayment

- Over half a million affected from

09/10 and 17/18.

⏬ ⏬ ⏬

- SLC say they tried to contact people.

check your loan!

  1. Even if you're nowhere near paying it off, it's worth checking that your info is up to date

  2. Login to your student loan account. Google 'student finance login'

  3. Think you overpaid?

Call SLC

0300 100 0628

Students Pre Sept 2012

The current rate is 1.75%. - that’s cheap debt. Many savings accounts will beat this rate so it probably doesn't make sense to pay off more than the minimum.

Students From Sept 2012

83% of students are predicted to never pay off the full loan AND it gets wiped after 30 years regardless!

So, unless you’re a high earner and certain that you’ll be paying it all off, it makes sense to save the money instead.

Jamie Oliver turns remnants of his

eMPIRE into ethical ‘B Corp’

After the collapse of his restaurant group Jamie’s Italian, the restaurateur has published a report outlining a new mission to:

1. Halve childhood obesity by 2030

2. For his business, Jamie Oliver Group,

to achieve B Corp status

Oliver injected £26m of his own money into Jamie’s Italian before letting it go under. More than 1,000 employees lost their jobs.


A certified B Corporation

must meet certain environmental, social, legal and governance standards

set by the not-for-profit institution B Lab.


GlassDoor have revealed the UK's top work perks...

Facebook - Three free meals a day

Improbable - Free 'Life Concierge'

Sky - Moving house leave

First Direct - Onsite crèche

First Space Crime?!

NASA is investigating a claim that an astronaut accessed the bank account of her ex-partner while living at the International Space Station (ISS), according to The New York Times.

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