FYT - Weekly news 2nd December

The General election

FYT asked “What’s your top issue?" You said... NHS and Care

A Comparison of the two main parties' pledges.


- £20.5bn for NHS

- More ££ for NHS pension crisis

- 40 new hospitals/10 years

- 20 hospitals get £1.8bn cash

- £5bn for social care

- 6000 more GPs

- 50,000 more nurses

- Ban hospital parking fees for some and NHS staff


- £26bn for NHS

- Focus on cutting waiting times

- Ban private provision in the NHS

- Set up state-run drugs co

- £10.8bn free personal care 65+

- Free prescriptions/dental checks/hospital parking

- Increase training places for GPs

- 27m more GP appts/year

Overall, do the parties spending 💸 plans stack up?

Independent think tank Institute of Fiscal Studies says neither party is being “honest” with voters or offering “credible” spending plans.

Katie Price declared bankrupt

Her entire £45m fortune has gone

The former reality TV star and glamour model ‘Jordan’, 41, was declared bankrupt last week

But she didn’t stick to the plan so the Official Receiver will now run her ££ affairs and property.

A lavish lifestyle caused her ££ problems

She spent….

- £120,000/year on housekeepers, gardeners and nannies

- £2000/month on heating bills

- £1500/week on manicures/pedicures

IVA quick facts:

- A legal agreement

- A repayment plan over time

- Don’t have to sell home

- On credit file for 6 years

Having broken the IVA, bankruptcy rules will force the sale of Price’s £2m 9 bed 12 acre home

It has a license to print money

But UK’s banknote printer has ££ troubles

De La Rue, the 198 year old British company, reported a £12m loss last week.

There’s “significant doubt” whether it can continue as a growing concern.

What does De La Rue do?

- designs/prints notes for central banks around the world

- smart security for passports

- Employs 2600 people, over half in the UK

What’s gone wrong?

- UK’s post-Brexit passports contract went to a French co

Venezuela’s central bank didn’t pay its £18m bill.

- The Chairman, CEO and others all left

- De La Rue designed the new £20 polymer note coming in Feb 2020


The Bank of England discovered 228,000 forged banknotes Jan - June 2019

Nearly 90% were….

- £5

- £10

- £20

- £50

Answer £20

It’s a burden being the breadwinner

Men get stressed out when they’re the sole breadwinner

but they get anxious too if their partners earn the same as, or more than, they do - so says research from Bath Uni.

Dr Joanna Syrda, economist, said the results show how…

“strong and persistent” gender identity norms are

Advent calendars for £100k upset charities

- Two advent calendars from famous jewellers cost up to £100,000

- One from Beaverbrooks features a platinum diamond ring worth £26k behind one door.

- Tiffany’s offer trinkets worth up to £13,000

Andrea Williams, chief exec of Christian Concern said:

“these play to the basest of our human instincts”

Deborah Auty, Christian Aid said:

“the same amount of money could provide safe shelter for more than 500 families in Afghanistan"