Bank of Mum and Dad now a Top Ten mortgage lender

According to Legal and General parents are ever more generous with home buying help.


The average parental contribution,

Up £6000 compared with last year


BoMaD is now in 9th place (from 10),

lending £6.3bn total,

ahead of Clydesdale Bank


Of over 55s accepted a

lower standard of living

after helping


BoMaD lenders aren't confident

they now have enough ££ to last


Postponed retirement so

they could help

Shared Ownership

🏠 new scheme proposal and help for first time buyers 🏠

The Housing Minister Robert Jenrick has unveiled new proposals:

  1. Shared Ownership scheme to improve; including buying 1% chunks, rather than current minimum of 10%

  2. Increase the number of new homes sold at discounted prices (understood to be up to 20%).

  3. Mortgage loophole now closed which allows mortgage terms of 25yrs+ so homeowners can spread borrowing over a longer period.

Shared Ownership 101...

To qualify...

✅ Household income - less than £80k (£90k in London)

✅ First time buyer

How it works...

  • You co-own it with a Housing Association.

  • You buy part of it/pay subsidised rent on the rest.

  • Available with Help to Buy ISA/Lifetime ISA

Supermarkets ripping off shoppers with Multi-Buys

Which? has found that supermarkets are misleading shoppers with multi-buys that cost more than buying the items separately. 

The study of 450 + items also found that many ‘special offer prices’ had been used throughout the year.

So what?

In 2015, the government introduced guidance which meant retailer pricing must not

‘waste time, cause annoyance, disappointment or regret’ or cause a shopper to overspend.’

How to get the best value

✅ When choosing between brands,

look at price per unit/100g etc.

Use MySupermarket.com - Fill your basket and then checkout with the cheapest supermarket

Eat before! Studies show we spend up to 64% more when we're hungry


Notting Hill residents cash in,

charging up to £5 for bathroom use

during Carnival

Environmental activists call for a £25 tent pitch tax on festival-goers who abandon tents

Universities earn £2 million in commission from the suppliers of the gowns and mortar boards (earned by 36 institutions in 2017-18)

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