FYT - Weekly News 30th October

students doing sex work doubles

1 in 25 students polled by savethestudent.org has tried ‘adult work’ to help with living costs. The figure has doubled compared to 2017.

What is Adult Work?...

Any job that involves sex, nudity, erotica

The survey of 3,300+ undergraduates found that selling photos and used underwear are the most likely choices.

What is going on?

The report says lack of financial support is driving the trend.

The maintenance loan leaves students short of £267/month on average

Jake Butler, Save the Student said ...

"The govt expects parents to plug the gap. But most parents have no idea and their children are forced to desperate measures just to continue their studies"

Rachel Watters, National Union of Students said...

"It’s important that we break down the stigma that prevents student sex workers seeking help from their institutions, family and friends, public health and survivor support services"

Actors slam tabloids for job-shaming ex-EastEnders star Katie Jarvis

Newspapers splashed photos and ran a “nasty” story of Jarvis now working as a security guard at B & M Bargains store in East London

In an outpouring of empathy on social media, actors and others scorned newspapers' attempts to job-shame the award-winning actress. 

On the Victoria Derbyshire show, Katie, mother of two, called the story “nasty” and said...

"I was made to feel ashamed….for simply having a job in between my acting"

She was “overwhelmed” by support from acting colleagues:

Bafta nominee Kathy Burke re-interpreted the tabloid headline to read… “Person gets job so her kids don’t starve? Good for her"

EastEnders Gillian Taylforth tweeted “So much love and respect….Hard work being a jobbing actor. Actors are allowed normal jobs too, you know"

QuickQuid - payday loans company collapses in uk

Payday loans company collapses in UK after 1000s of complaints & new rules. The top payday lender is pulling the plug on its UK business. 

What’s a payday loan?

A short term instant loan, at around 292% interest pen annum. You don’t need savings or a credit rating

Are they bad?

They can be, very. They’re easy to get/difficult to get out of

What’s going on at QuickQuid?

3000+ complaints in six months 

The City regulator the FCA has got tough with the sector, for example 

  1. Applied a cap of 292% interest pa lenders can charge

  2. Lenders have to make sure customers can repay AND afford to live

So payday loans companies aren’t making as much profit AND face loads of compensation claims

Wonga another payday lender went bust last year

Currency exchange worker in Venice kidnapped by tourist

The customer wasn’t happy with the amount of euros he got for $100. He tried to cancel the deal, then closed the shutters and stopped the woman from leaving her booth. The police arrested the customer

High levels of tourism in the lagoon city are unpopular with residents. Authorities in Venice target tourists who ignore “urban decorum” rules. 

These include:

  • Eating snacks on bridges and steps of monuments

  • Dipping your toes in canals

In June, 2 German tourists were fined 1000 euros for making coffee on a camping stove on Rialto Bridge. 

Going going gone….Banksy's online store deadline today

Stormzy’s Glasto stab vest and more

Famous street artist Banksy has opened a new online homewares store. It’s called Gross Domestic Product, Where art irritates life. The shop is NOT first come first served. Customers have until 28th Oct to browse and register interest.

Winners selected at random

All items are Banksy originals at way below market value. Stormzy’s stab vest is £850

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