FYT - Weekly news 6th January 2020

Shocking figure on UK poverty wins Statistic of the Year 2019

58% of people living in ‘relative poverty’ live in a working household.

The Royal Statistical Society has revealed its annual stat winner showing the extent of in-work poverty in the UK.

It chose this figure as it highlights the

"growth of in-work poverty and the need to rise to fresh welfare challenges”.

What does the statistic mean?

Having a job doesn’t mean you escape poverty.

What is 'relative poverty'?

It considers where you live, and what it means to be poor there.

  • Having 60% less income than the average in that area

  • Some money, but only enough for basics

  • Going without things like TV, internet access for public services, proper clothes to find a job, decent housing.

Death to the Saturday job

Saturday jobs for teenagers are dying out


Research finds that students are focusing on their homework instead.

Twenty years ago nearly half of 16 to 17 year olds had a Saturday job

but last year, it was just 25%.

The research from Resolution Foundation also found that…

Students aged 18 and 19 that have a job whilst at Uni has dropped from 38% to 28%.

The think tank highlights evidence that working at the same time as studying improves long-term educational and employment results.


3000+ people filed their tax returns on Christmas Day

  • HMRC reported that 12 noon to 1 pm was the peak time, with 245 people clicking ‘File’

  • Boxing Day saw 9254 people file their return

  • Returns filed over Christmas are up 9% on last year

Who must send a tax return?

Yes ….

  • self-employed ‘sole trader’

  • partner in a business

No ….

  • your only income is from your wages or pension


  • you’ve got income from: savings, investments, foreign sources, renting out property, tips/commission

How to check?


What’s the deadline?

31st January

Is there a penalty?

£100/3 months late

Give, actually! Movie fans told to move on

The owner of the hot pink London house where Mark declares his love for Juliet in the film Love Actually is being plagued with queues of tourists lining up to take photos

The owner was unaware that the house was in the film when she bought the property and has appealed for privacy

She has now put a donation box outside and asks visitors to give to homeless charities when they take photos on her doorstep

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has appealed for visitors to take their cameras elsewhere

“It’s like all of our life-long dreams came true”

Jackpot winners’ son is in the clear

A couple who won a £2m lottery jackpot three days before finding out their teenage son Ewan is clear of cancer said

“What a start to 2020”

John and Allison McDonald’s Lucky Dip ticket scooped the jackpot on Dec 18.

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