GFY MONEY STORy #1. aNON, SALARY: £110,000

Introducing Money Stories!

If you follow me on IG, you’ll know that I often share (with permission) your stories, anecdotes and tips. Not only am I hugely honoured that you’d take your time to share them with me but I know that they really help others too.

I often get messages saying how encouraging it is to hear about the financial lives of people in similar and perhaps different situations to you.

So...Introducing ‘Money Stories’; a glimpse into one financial life, each week.

We're kicking off with the inspiring story that inspired this series. Anon shares her journey from homelessness to a salary of £110,000

Money STories #1

Anon, 26

Salary: £110,000

I earn almost four times what my partner earns as a civil servant on £30k a year. But we’ve been together since I was 16, we’ve built it together and I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help (he helped me when I was homeless at 18, about to drop out of uni at 19, working three jobs to rent a grotty bedsit at 21) and now we live a lifestyle that we’ve both earned. It just so happens that I’m the one who brings most of the money in


When it comes to jobs, know your worth - big up what you can do, keep quiet on what you can’t. Imposter syndrome is real, but just because you’re not born into money, doesn’t mean you can’t climb the ladder. Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t hood your own in a room full of male bigwigs. You belong. Know you’re doing a good job, network, make good connections and get a decent mentor to help


Pay off your debts in a snowball - I’m still paying off debt that was racked up whilst I was struggling to even put food in the cupboards. Put a decent payment each month off the ones with the highest interest rate and pay the minimum payment on the rest. Once the highest interest one is paid, move to the next highest interest one, and compound the amount of money you pay off. It makes sure that you pay the least amount of interest and you’ll be surprised how quick they go down



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