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The bride / groom

👰 Be different! For super money saving, think evening/weekday weddings, Friday 13th, afternoon tea, a BBQ, eloping!

🤵 Budget: what can you afford to spend? Include a 10-20% buffer in your budget for inevitable extras

💍 Send an info pack to guests with nearby, low cost accommodation/food spots

wedding guests

👗 Outfits! Try swishing events (clothes swaps), eBay alerts for fave brands and pair up with same size friends

📞 Unless you've got all the £££, you probably can't do all the weddings, but say no asap and be honest

🏩 Book accommodation early for the best deals. Would a late night taxi be cheaper?

hen / stag do organisers

💃 Chat to the B/G to set expectations. Make a budget, take charge but don't be afraid to delegate

🍺 Break it up: Consider splitting the event into parts so that those on tight budgets can still be included

🗓 Ask for £ in advance and set a deadline. Think payday

💸 For big trips, protect your own finances by asking for instalments. Include a buffer to cover dropouts/late payments. Use money left over for taxis/drinks/rude straws..