Investing checklist - 5 things to consider before you invest

P.S. bowler hat and pinstripe suit not required... Investing can be for everyone 💥📈

1. Have long term goal

What is your long term goal? Buying a house? Travelling the world? It's a good idea to invest for the long term (think at least 5 years)

2. start an emergency fund

A savings buffer for unexpected 'oh ****' moments. £1000 is often thrown around as an ideal figure but what feels achievable and right for you?

3. Deal with your expensive debts

For more info on debt strategies and what 'expensive debt' means (not student loans!) check out the debt guide in the highlights

4. have a pension and make the most of it

Boring but super important. Make sure you have a pension and are stashing all the free money!

Check out the free pension masterclass - HERE

5. boost your emergency fund

Boost your savings to cover 3-6 months of living expenses. A lot right? Work out how your expenses could be scaled back if the worst happened. e.g. move in with family.


If you’re curious about investing, have a read of Part 5 ‘Invest it’. It’s 😴 free and full of stories which make tricky topics like ETFs and compounding digestible and maybe even a little bit entertaining... 🤓 If you want a super quick guide to the absolute basics, start with the Investing Masterclass on the website. It’s a completely free and interactive guide👌 You can also use the comparison tool to look for super simple investment platforms. LINKS IN BIO ☝️ Of course, it’s important to remember than when you invest, your capital is at risk which means that just as you can make money, you can lose it too. As with all Go Fund Yourself posts, this is meant for educational purposes only. It’s not advice 👍 Alice x

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