To inspire your budget-friendly Christmas shopping, I’ve picked 12 gifts, all under £20, that I think are totally worth the money (no socks here thank you 🙅)

Some of these links are affiliate links which means that I get a small proportion of any sales, at no cost extra to you :)


From £3.49

2. Portable Sriracha BOTTLE


3. The Ordinary Skincare

from £6


Caffe Nero

5. Tile (find your phone/wallet or keys)

£13.99 (REDUCED FROM £20)

6.Herb kit


7. Money saving cookbook

MOB Kitchen:

(£6 on Black Friday!)

Vegan one pound meals

(£8 on Black Friday!)

8. Keep cup

£9.43 (20% Black Friday offer)

9.Chilly's water bottle

From £15

10. Jack’s Flight Club

Join the club for free

Premium membership £15 for 3 months

11. Go Fund Yourself book!


About this gift guide

As soon as we hit November, we're inundated with marketing messages (HELLO Black Friday) from companies vying for our £££ and in one way or another, convincing us that we NEED to buy more this Christmas. Whilst I love a bargain as much as the next person, I'm a big advocate for finding products which are high quality, last a long time and, in an ideal world, are sustainable too. So when it comes to finding products or services that I think you'll like, it's not just about price. I've selected each of these gifts not only because they're things I've tried, tested and loved, but because they're high quality and in most case better for the planet too.

Happy Christmas and thank you so much for supporting GFY this year.

Alice x