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TLDR: In the midst of lockdown v1, we launched a campaign calling for BuyNowPayLater products to be regulated. In January 2021 (after a close call with Klarna's friendly lawyers πŸ™ƒ) the FCA publish the Woolard Review which concluded that the FCA should bring BNPL products under their remit. Win πŸ₯³

We launched the #regulateBuyNowPayLater campaign in June of last year calling for three things:

1) For the ASA to better regulate the promotion of BNPL products

βœ… In September 2020 they published their BNPL guidelines

2) For retailers to take responsibility - The social media meets BNPL sector was like wild-west back in 2019. 'No money no problems' was a highlight...

βœ… Thankfully things have got better. I worked closely with ASOS to produce the campaign's best practice which they signed up to in Decemeber 2020.

ASOS commits to responsible messaging around Buy Now Pay Later products
There are growing concerns about credit payment options such as Klarna.

3) The big one - for the FCA to regulate these products like any other form of credit.

βœ… The Woolard Review concluded in favour of the campaign's objectives. This one is a work in progress but regulation is coming.