The GFY Community Gift Guide 2023 - £100+

Welcome to GFY’s annual gift guide series! This is a crowdsourced project where we look to you for the best gift ideas of 2023.

The aims…

  • To reduce waste by giving loved ones things they want and need (strictly no Lynx Africa gift sets)
  • To save you money by giving high quality but affordable gifts based on recommendation. Strictly no sponsorship or affiliates.
  • To support independent retailers where possible

How the lists work

  • You submit your responses on Instagram (this happened in November)
  • We’ll count responses for specific items and list 10 items within each price range. Generally, people have listed a type of item as opposed to a brand e.g Bamboo socks. Where there is no consensus on a specific brand, we’ve found the best-reviewed brand within that category
  • No affiliates or sponsorships. These lists are compiled strictly on a recommendation-only basis. There are no affiliates.
  • None of the links below are affiliate links
  • There are no sponsorships
  • Where possible we've tried to find products from independent and sustainable retailers




**Kids and charity retailers coming next week**

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Welcome to the over £100 category! The results...

1. Dyson Hair Products

Dyson hairdryer - Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer (Dyson) |

Dyson Air Wrap - Dyson Airwrap™ styler (Dyson) |

2. Anything Apple

Apple Watch - Apple Watch

Apple wireless headphones - AirPods

MacBook - MacBook

Apple Watch SE - Apple Watch SE

3. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite - Nintendo Switch Lite

4. Bespoke Gold Jewellery

Initial Necklace:

  • On Etsy UK, you can find a wide range of personalized initial necklaces, including options in silver, gold, birthstones, and various designs.
  • Abbott Lyon offers a collection of initial necklaces in silver and diamond, ideal for a signature piece or a personal gift.
14k 18k Gold Diamond Letter Necklace / Handmade Diamond image 1

Initial Curb Bundle (Gold)

A Pendant Necklace with Your Child’s Fingerprint:

    • Hold upon Heart offers beautifully crafted fingerprint necklaces and baby handprint and footprint necklaces, made to order using your loved one's unique prints.
    • Hand on Heart Jewellery features a range of fingerprint jewellery, including necklaces, beads, cufflinks, and keyrings, each uniquely detailed with your loved one’s true fingerprint.

5. Taylor Swift Tickets

One for the Swifties in your life. Find legitimate Taylor Swift tickets - Ticketmaster

6. Ninja Foodi and other cooking appliances:

Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker - Shop here

A tabletop cooker with 9 cooking functions and a large capacity to feed the whole family.

Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker [OP350UK], 9-in-1, 6L, Electric Pressure Cooker  and Air Fryer, Brushed Steel and Black : Home & Kitchen

Honourable mentions within this category: 

7. Luxury experiences


A Flying Lesson: Discover and compare the best flying experience days, gift vouchers, and pilot licence training in the UK through or explore various options for flying lessons near you at Fly Days.

Treehouse Experience: For a unique treehouse holiday experience, you can check out options and book at Canopy & Stars or find a curated list of the best treehouse stays in the UK for 2023 at Top Treehouses.

A Getaway to Vienna: Plan a city getaway to Vienna with holiday packages that include stays in neighbourhoods great for cafes, culture, and shopping via Expedia or explore various Vienna holiday options for 2023/2024 at TUI.

A Flight or a Holiday: Customize and book your United Kingdom vacation packages for 2023 through Expedia or find package holidays that include both flight and accommodation bookings at Expedia UK.

Weekend City Trip: For UK city break ideas for a weekend trip in 2023, you can explore options at The Independent or find short breaks and weekend getaways for UK city breaks at Virgin Experience Days and Jet2holidays.

Voucher for a Lush Spa Treatment: Gift the experience of luxury spa and massage treatments with vouchers from LUSH, available in-store or online, or explore e-gift cards and luxury spa treatments for couples at LUSH.

Zip World Experience in Wales: Experience adventure at the Zip World outdoor activity centre and adventure park in Wales, offering various thrilling activities like the world's fastest zip line, available at Zip World or learn more about the adventures at Zip World in North Wales at Visit Wales.

8. Luxury Perfumes and Fragrances


Chanel parfum (the most intense and expensive type of perfume) - Chanel Perfume

Byredo perfume - Byredo Fragrances

9. Headphones, Earbuds or a Roberts Radio


Roberts iStream Radio and AirPods - Roberts Radio

AirPods - AirPods

Bose noise cancelling headphones - Bose Headphones

Sony headphones - Sony Headphones

Special Mentions

These were only mentioned once but we liked the look of them…

Annual Membership for Chester Zoo:

Chester Zoo Membership Information: Chester Zoo - Memberships

Details and Benefits of Membership: Chester Zoo - Our Zoo Members

Heywood Hill Bookshop 'A Year in Books' Subscription:

General Subscription Information: Heywood Hill - Subscriptions

Bookshop Details: Heywood Hill - The Bookshop at 10 Curzon Street, Mayfair

Voucher for a Crown Works Pottery Workshop:

Pottery Workshop Voucher: Crown Works Pottery - Throwing on the Wheel Workshops

Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Balloons Over Britain Rides: Balloons Over Britain - Hot Air Balloon Rides

Virgin Balloon Flights: Virgin Balloon Flights

I hope you've found this guide useful!

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