GFY gift guides: The 10 Best Purchases Ever According to You - Under £25

If you celebrate Christmas, you're most likely going to be spending money on other people, (obvs, that's what Jesus' birthday is for right?). That means trying to buy stuff that your fam, friends (and your slightly creepy step-uncle) might actually use and enjoy. It's a high-risk game.

So, in an effort to save the world from Lynx Africa gift sets, here's the GFY Gift Guide: a crowdsourced guide to the things YOU actually love.

How the guides are compiled:

I put out a request on the GFY Instagram for you to share the items you love and actually use. These could be gifts you've received or things you've bought for yourself.

This was the criteria:

✅  High quality & long-lasting

❤️ Things you've loved and used for years

👛 Good value for money and/or increases in value

🌎 Bonus points for sustainability

The results were compiled into 5 budgets. The other 4 gift guides are in progress and will be out over the next 5 days.

Under £10

Under £25 - this guide

Under £50

Under £100

We've then done the maths to find the 10 most popular items in each budget.

There are also some special mentions for those that didn't make the top 10 but are just great ideas.

I hope you find this useful.

IMPORTANT: Please note that some of the links are affiliate - this just means we get paid a small % of every transaction but it won't change the price you pay.

The 10 Best Purchases Ever According to You - Under £25

1.  Debobbler

Wow. You guys know how to live. This was THE most frequently mentioned purchase...(it's a clothes shaver to remove bobbles FYI)

'I LOVE IT 😂 - it keeps my jumpers looking new'

Debobbler - Amazon - £12 - £15

2.  Chilly's water bottle

Stay hydrated...Lots of you mentioned that you love your Chilly's. They're long-lasting and come in loads of colours.

Medium Chilly's bottle -  from £11 - Amazon

Large Chilly's bottle - £25 - Amazon

3.  Mani or Pedi Voucher

Who doesn't love some TLC?


4.  New PJs

Nothing says Christmas like some new PJs...

Satin PJ's - Amazon - £17.50 - £25.99

5. Silk items

You all LOVE silk scrunchies, pillowcases, and eye masks...

Here are the top picks:

Silk Eye Mask - Amazon - £9.99

Silk Masks  -  Fifin London - £20

(a business owned by a member of the GFY community!)

Silk Pillow Case - Amazon - £20.79

Silk Scrunchies - Fifin London £20 - £25

6.  A dressing gown

10/10 cozy vibes

Dressing Gown - £22 in sale (see image) - LaRedoute

7. Aeropress

So retro it hurts. Ok so at the time of writing, the price was sliiightly over budget at £26.30 but it's worth it every penny IMO

Aeropress - Amazon - £26.30

Wondering how to use it? See this guide by the brilliant James Hoffmann

8. Swiss Army Knife

For the wannabe SAS commander in your life...

Swiss Army Knife - Amazon - £15.20

Swiss Army Knife - Amazon - £23.99

9. Long hot water bottle

Hot water bottles were mentioned a fair number of times but a couple of you sung the praises of the LONG HWB. What an innovation.

They are available from Amazon for £12 but I've been told that the brand YUYU are particular good but more expensive.

Long Hot Water Bottle - Amazon - £15.97

10. Photograph albums

'Photograph albums. Nothing beats the joy of printed photos of childhood memories'

Papier is a personal fave for personalised stationery and photobooks.

Mini photo books start from £20


Special mentions

Good Grips Garlic press - £10

Face steamer

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