GFY gift guides: The 10 Best Purchases Ever According to You - Under £10

I asked you for the things you love and actually use..this is what you said

If you celebrate Christmas, you're most likely going to be spending money on other people, (obvs, that's what Jesus' birthday is for right?). That means trying to buy stuff that your fam, friends (and your slightly creepy step-uncle) might actually use and enjoy. It's a high-risk game.

So, in an effort to save the world from Lynx Africa gift sets, here's the GFY Gift Guide: a crowdsourced guide to the things YOU actually love.

How the guides are compiled:

I put out a request on the GFY Instagram for you to share the items you love and actually use. These could be gifts you've received or things you've bought for yourself.

This was the criteria:

✅  High quality & long-lasting

❤️ Things you've loved and used for years

👛 Good value for money and/or increases in value

🌎 Bonus points for sustainability

The results were compiled into 5 budgets. The other 4 gift guides are in progress and will be out over the next 5 days.

Under £10

Under £25

Under £50

Under £100

We've then done the maths to find the 10 most popular items in each budget.

There are also some special mentions for those that didn't make the top 10 but are just great ideas.

I hope you find this useful.

The 10 best gifts ever according to you: Under £10

1.  A glass portable coffee cup

This was the most frequently mentioned item in the under £10 category. As a proud owner of a glass keep-cup I can vouch for this one myself, I've had it for years and it's still in one piece. A personal fave.

'I love a glass coffee mug that doesn't taste of metal or hold the smell of other drinks'

Glass cup - Amazon - £9

Keep Cup - Amazon - £18 (above the £10 budget but if you're looking for the OG glass cup...)

2.  A mug for Zoom

Everyone loves a mug and in post-pandemic life, it sounds like 'statement mugs' are now a thing...who knew.

'I've had one for years that's so pretty. It looks great on zoom calls and holds lots of peppermint tea'

Anthropologie Mug - £10 

Anthropologie Mug - £10

3.  A book

Some top picks from the GFY library:

Capital by Thomas Picketty

Revolting Prostitutes by Juno Mac and Molly Smith

Go Fund Yourself by Alice Tapper 😉

4.  Socks - of the bamboo, fluffy or slipper variety

Need I say more, who doesn't love socks?

Men's Bamboo Socks - Amazon

Women's slipper Socks - Amazon

5.  Beeswax covers

Boo to clingfilm. These are super handy - you can even rewax them with a beeswax candle. So wholesome.

'I bought some for my granny and she loves them'

Set of 6 Beeswax Wraps - Amazon

Beeswax wraps - Etsy -

6.  A reusable shopping bag

Am I? Better than everyone?..for remembering to bring my bag to the supermarket? Yes, honey, you are.

'10 years later I'm still using my small foldable bag that goes into a little pouch with a clip'

4 pack small foldable bag

Etsy large foldable bag

7.  A diary or stationery of any kind

Oooo that new notebook feeling. Yum.

Letter notebook - Paperchase - £8

LEUCHTTURM1917 - Pocket Size - Amazon - £9.99

8.   Makeup remover cloths and bamboo pads

Better for the planet and, a top tip to avoid them going MIA: buy yourself a mini washable laundry bag (the second pick below includes one)

'Cheap & cheerful - saved more ££ now than what I bought them for!'

Garnier pads - Amazon - £4.50

Bamboo Cotton Multi-Pack - Amazon - £9.99

9 - Reusable cutlery

You'll be speaking at COP27 at this rate

'Reusable travel cutlery including chopsticks & straw! I use it daily'

Reusable cutlery set - Etsy - £9.99

7 piece camping set - Amazon - £7.99

10 - A foam roller

Roll away the stresses of 2021 (we could be here a while)

'Great for warming up before a gym sesh'

Foam Roller - Amazon - £9.99

Special mentions

V60 - £6 - Be painfully cool

Oddbins wine voucher - wine, need I say more?

Clicky candle lighter - £9.99 - get lit

Popsocket - £6.00 - Gen Z only -

Oxo good grips peeler - £6.99 - Adulting embodied

Spending it